The Environment


The startsomewhere® initiative provides firm sustainability guidelines, both for the construction and maintenance of our properties, and in the products we use to serve our customers. We are committed to:

  • Diverting waste from landfills, through reducing, recycle and repurposed materials
  • Conserving the use of electricity and water, through reducing consumption
  • Using materials that are better for the environment, both in construction of our properties, and in the products we use

We’re proud of our operators across North America who make this happen. Here are some examples of how HMSHost is going about it:

  • Did you know that the Starbucks Coffee stores at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport use 2,600 gallons of milk each week? That’s a lot of plastic milk containers – about 300 pounds per week, to be exact. But twice each day, the HMSHost team collects those containers and recycles them – and thus keeps them out of nearby landfills. A trash compactor specially sourced by HMSHost processes the containers, and from there, the compacted bales go to a recycling plant near the airport. There, they are used to make bottles for non-food items, plastic lumber, floor tiles and recycling bins.
  • Our HMSHost team at Canada’s Toronto Pearson international Airport fills more than 15 organic bins with coffee grounds and other food scraps every day. (That’s approximately 43 metric tons of scraps each month!) The bin contents are composted and turned into fertilizer or mulch. This kind of recycling diverts waste, and gives it a useful purpose in helping to grow healthy plants and flowers.
  • New menus at HMSHost restaurants are printed on 70% recycled paper. We use a minimum of 30% recycled paper in our corporate and branch offices.
  • Most HMSHost properties offer customers 100% recycled napkins, made from unbleached materials. Specially designed napkin dispensers cut use of paper napkins by 25%, saving 18,000 trees and 7.4 million gallons of water.
  • HMSHost provides training to our associates in how to limit to-go packaging and disposables. We are testing new cutlery dispensers that are designed to reduce usage.