About Us


HMSHost is the recognized leader for the design, build, finance, operate and maintain model that we employ on motorway and travel plazas in North America. Our industry experts provide solutions for the complex challenges that arise in the field, such as seasonal customer demands, commercial and non-commercial parking lot flow, and functional, aesthetically-pleasing building designs.

Reflecting our commitment to continually set and implement new standards and trends, our development team creates customized, world-class travel plazas that invite motorists to enjoy a quality meal. Our expertise in restaurant operations has helped many turnpike authorities to improve the service, value, and experience they offer their customers, and the level of hospitality their state extends to all travelers.

We recognize how travelers value a clean, modern restroom, and how restroom quality can influence their future use of a site, as well as their confidence to spend time and money in the service plaza. We have designed our expanded restrooms so that they are state of the art, “touchless” facilities which focus on water and energy conservation in addition to sanitization and cleanliness.

With our unique services for travelers and preferred food and beverage brands, HMSHost is redefining the motorway experience for travelers in North America.