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image of Interfaith Works

Interfaith Works

Headquartered in Rockville and serving greater Montgomery County, Interfaith Works’ mission is to pursue justice with an emphasis on identifying and meeting the need of the poor by leading and engaging Montgomery County’s faith communities in service, education, and advocacy. HMSHost Foundation Director Laura Sildon, President, Paul Mamalian, and Board Member, Coleman Lauterbach, along with HMSHost’s Haia Perlmutter and Gina Smith presented Interfaith Works Executive Director, Shane Rock, a grant from the HMSHost Foundation to support its work to meet the needs of the poor and homeless in Montgomery County, MD.

image of Manna Food Center

Manna Food Center

With its main food distribution center in Derwood and serving greater Montgomery County, Manna’s mission focuses on ending hunger in Montgomery County through food distribution, education and advocacy.  Their vision is nothing less than food security for all. Manna Food Center provides food for families, nutritional snacks for school-aged children, community food rescue, and nutrition classes. HMSHost Foundation President, Paul Mamalian, Director, Laura Sildon, and Board Member, Sarah Cody, presented a check to Jackie DeCarlo, Manna Executive Director, and Stephanie Hubbard, Manna Director of Development, to support Manna’s efforts in our local community.  

image of Children of Restaurant Employees (CORE)

Children of Restaurant Employees (CORE)

Children of Restaurant Employees, or CORE, is a 501(c)3 charitable organization funded by donations from individuals, food and beverage operators, suppliers and distributors, and special events. CORE supports the children of food and beverage employees who are navigating life-altering circumstances or conditions. Since 2004 CORE has raised over $2 million and supported 165 children across 95 families. In 2016 alone CORE supported 55 children and raised over $400,000. 

Just one example of this is Pam Burnett’s story, an HMSHost Starbucks employee at Albany International Airport. Pam’s granddaughter, Audrey, was suffering from a brain tumor at only 4 years old. Audrey was in the Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio for a surgery to remove the brain tumor and then underwent radiation treatment. CORE shipped her Christmas gifts and also flew Pam out for a week to be with Audrey and her son Ben and daughter-in-law, Audrey's parents, in January 2014.

image of The First Tee, Tampa, FL

The First Tee, Tampa, FL

The First Tee is for children of all backgrounds, with an added emphasis on Tampa children, who previously may not have been exposed to the game of golf.

The First Tee Life Skills Experience, Nine Core Values and/or Nine Healthy Habits are taught in almost all programs of The First Tee. These programs teach young people skills that allow them to face challenges at home and school, and play in a constructive manner. Examples of lessons taught include problem solving, managing time, controlling one’s emotions, working well with others and improving relationships with family and the community.

When Tampa native Olivia’s world got turned upside down, golf became her outlet. Olivia’s mother, Octavia, says in addition to a new baby on the way, Olivia and her siblings were experiencing many changes in the household. Seeking stability, Octavia enrolled Olivia into The First Tee of Tampa Bay, a program of the Tampa YMCA. “Knowing that the dynamic of our household was tenuous, I signed her up for golf because I felt it would be a great way for her to step away and escape from things that would be potential stressors,” states Octavia. Raising young children in a single-income household, Octavia testifies, “I am incredibly grateful for the platform that the First Tee provides to allow me to afford the lessons for Olivia. Without the reduced costs, I could not afford it due to my financial obligations.” Octavia says The First Tee of Tampa Bay became the place where Olivia could truly shine and “have something of her very own that she could personally master and look forward to weekly.”

The First Tee of Tampa Bay impacts our youth by building character and instilling life-enhancing values. Olivia is learning life skills such as goal setting, meeting new people and healthy habits. “It also gave me the opportunity to focus specifically on her and celebrate with her as she progressed with weekly achievements at learning an entirely different skill set,” says Octavia. “This amazing program has opened up a new dimension and set of opportunities for Olivia that she may have not considered before. It is my hope that she is able to enjoy it as a pasttime in the years to come.”

image of Grace-Mar Services Inc.

Grace-Mar Services Inc.

Grace Mar Services’ mission is to provide education, counseling and professional networks to displaced workers, minorities and low to moderate income families in the areas of financial literacy, job readiness/placement and self-empowerment.

“As a member of the Jobs Plus Program, Grace-Mar has given me many opportunities and has opened many doors for me. The Jobs Plus Program introduced me to Grace-Mar through employment specialist Ms. Sophie. Grace-Mar gave me a chance to obtain full time employment with HMSHost at Charlotte Douglas International Airport. I am very grateful to be working with a company like HMSHost because the company has really changed my life. It has allowed me to receive an increase in my income and make more independent decisions.  In addition, this has given me self- confidence in myself. By having this job, I am able to enroll in a 401K plan and own stocks in a company for the first time in my life. Therefore, without the Jobs Plus Program, Grace-Mar, and the people who have been working with me, I do not know where I would be in life.  However, I truly want to thank the staff, Ms. Sophie, and my Case Coordinator, Ms. Linda, for all the hard work and time that they have given me.”

- Leslie Faulker, Hired April 2016 through the Jobs Plus Program.

“I want to thank HMSHost Foundation for not only providing employment and benefits but also for giving pride and hope back to our residents. Our goal is to continue assisting them to become better employees with soft-skills and hard-skills training. We know we have a ways to go; however, we focus on one individual at a time. By partnering with HMSHost, we are truly helping to change lives.”

– Sophie Underwood, Employment Specialist, Jobs Plus Program.

“Letitia Black has been working for HMSHost at the Charlotte Douglas Airport as a prep cook for two weeks.  Ms. Black attended a “Hiring Event” that we hosted with HMSHost in July of 2016 and was excited to share her story. Now she is even more excited about the career opportunities she has with HMSHost.  For the past 18 months Ms. Black worked for a local grocery store chain making $8.16 per hour, part time and had no benefits.  Today she is earning $9.50 an hour, has full benefits and 401k.  She desires to become a cook and will be given the opportunity to do so after staying in her current position for 6 months and completing the ServSafe certification, which is paid for by Grace-Mar for any of our clients who want or need the training to maintain their position or for career advancement, which will be the case for Ms. Black. Grace-Mar is able to host job hiring events (like the ones HMSHost attends) and pay for training certification because of the generosity of our supports, like the HMSHost Foundation.”

– Kenneth Smith, President/Founder, Grace-Mar Services Inc.