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Sophisticated, contemporary, inviting, and progressive, HMSHost’s Bubbles Wine Bar caters to the global traveler’s palate while delighting passengers with an inviting and chic niche. Here, travelers can revel in an elegant ambiance, indulge in prime select wines and savor delectable, masterfully crafted small plates all while enjoying the soothing sounds of the baby grand piano. The menu is designed as a color-coded map, indicating the characteristics of each wine offered and matching them with the small plate or wrap that best complements it. Wines offered vary from a smooth and velvety Argentinian Malbec, to a bright and crisp Sandhill Pinot Gris, to a light and refreshing Sauvignon Blanc, to a big and bold Australian Shiraz. There is something here for every palate.


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Bubbles Seafood & Wine

At Bubbles Seafood & Wine Bar at San Diego International Airport, guests can use the color-coded menu to pair their desired flavor of wine with any of the unique small plates. The wines vary from smooth and velvety paired with a pistachio and pomegranate beet salad, to bright and crisp paired with a paloma ceviche, to big and bold paired with the black and bleu grilled steak.

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Bubbles Wine Bar

Bubbles Wine Bar, located in Chicago O’Hare International Airport, uses the same color-coded map as its seafood themed counterpart with a slightly different menu of more classic drink pairings such as shrimp cocktail, charcuterie, and a variety of cheeses. Guests can choose from an impressive selection of spirits ranging from rum to gin to bourbon and whiskey.

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Bubbles Wine & Tappas

Bubbles Wine and Tapas at Calgary International Airport offers its own unique wines, beers, and spirits as well as an enticing selection of gourmet small plates such as prosciutto fresh melon skewers, smoked white Canadian cheddar sweet mustard dip, and double crème Canadian brie mango chutney, all served with rosemary flatbread. This location also has a variety of large plates as well as breakfast options available throughout the day.b


  • Airports Council International-North America – 2012 Innovative Use of Non-Traditional Retail Space.

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