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About Minnesota Wild Bar

HMSHost welcomes travelers at Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport with Minnesota Wild, named for the state’s legendary National Hockey League team. Hockey is an integral part of life in this part of the country and this all-original addition to the airport delivers an authentic hockey experience while featuring some of the tastiest food and coolest décor found in any sports-themed restaurant. Travelers will know they are in Minnesota when they visit, and that’s the idea.


Missesota Wild Food 1


HMSHost’s renowned executive chefs were inspired to create a menu of regionally-themed cuisine that would go well with watching the game from the bar or while casually dining at a table. That’s why there’s items like roast beef or turkey sliders and Bavarian pretzel sticks on a special bar menu to complement the dining menu; and the fast-paced excitement of hockey spills right onto the hockey stick blade-shaped menu with plenty of hearty options.

Missesota Wild Food 2

Hockey Ambiance

Travelers can feel the excitement of the game all around them at Minnesota Wild. A mosaic wall made with hockey pucks in the shape of the ‘State of Hockey’ logo greets guests along with nostalgic arcade-style bubble hockey games near the entrance. A collection of authentic hockey memorabilia, goalie helmets, jerseys from the Wild team and youth players from around the state of Minnesota are all display. TVs are also located throughout the dining area so guests are never far from the action on the ice.

Missesota Wild Food 3

A Bar Made from Hockey Sticks

Donated hockey sticks collected through the local Total Hockey’s HockeyGreen program form the fascia on the bar and host stand. This hockey stick recycling program gives the restaurant a special bit of character and creates a direct connection for travelers to the local hockey community.

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