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HMSHost’s exclusive restaurant Umaizushi fuses classic Japanese cuisine with a striking contemporary ambiance created with bold strokes of black and white, along with orange hues, engaging all the senses. Skilled sushi artisans prepare culinary delights right in front of guests, from a menu designed to appeal to a diverse crowd of domestic and international travelers seeking an authentic dining experience.u


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Umaizushi’s menu features sushi lovers’ favorites as well as some more unique items such as the Hawaiian Roll, made with soy paper, fresh tuna, yellowtail, salmon, mango and avocado; and the Black Dragon Roll, made with shrimp tempura and cream cheese with unagi (eel), tobiko (flying fish roe), and unagi sauce.

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In addition to sushi rolls, Umaizushi offers a selection of Pan Asian noodle bowls and curries. Options include the soba shiitake noodle bowl, spicy maguro bowl, and golden curry bowl with selection of tofu, beef, or chicken.

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Soups and Salads

Guests can pair their meals with traditional sides like edamame, ocean seaweed salad but can also opt for the sesame udon noodle salad with chilled udon noodles, carrots, red sweet pepper, and topped with a tahini dressing, or Umaizushi garden with mixed greens, napa cabbage, daikon radish, and sesame dressing.

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