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Sep 28, 2016

HMSHost Enhances Traveler Dining Experience at Airports with Kallpod

Kallpod partnership connects guests with restaurant servers, delivering faster speed of service

BETHESDA, MD — Global restaurateur HMSHost and Kallpod have entered into an exclusive agreement going forward to bring a new level of interactive service to travelers dining in HMSHost restaurants at airports across North America. Kallpod is a service industry communication tool that improves the speed and efficiency of restaurant crews by connecting guests directly to their server as well as internal service teams to each other. HMSHost and Kallpod plan to implement the tool in many of the 80 airports across the continent where HMSHost operates.

“The airport environment is driven largely by time, and fast, accurate service is important to travelers visiting an airport restaurant. By forming this partnership with Kallpod, travelers dining at HMSHost restaurants will have more control over their time and will leave having had a better overall experience,” said HMSHost Vice President of Innovation Jim Schmitz.

The system works by placing “Kallpods”, small circular pods with three simple buttons, on dining tables so guests can request service at the press of a button at key touchpoints during their visit, such as when ready to order, for a drink refill, ordering more food, or requesting the check. A wireless communications system then provides specific, immediate alerts to service providers wearing “Kallwatches”, digital wristwatches that display service needs of guests and updates from hosts and kitchen. The Kallpod system facilitates better service by equipping servers with real-time knowledge about what each guest requires at the moment. Communications between guest, hosts, servers, and the kitchen staff are all enhanced through the Kallpod system, creating a well-informed, high performing front-of-house and back-of-house restaurant.

“We are thrilled to partner with HMSHost, one of the largest global restaurant operators and a recognized leader in innovation. The world is constantly evolving and driven by tech innovation which has dramatically changed the way in which we communicate and interact with others,” said Kallpod CEO Gabriel Weisz. “With Kallpod, guests are not only served faster and more efficiently but the experience is significantly elevated by ensuring every guest touch point is of value. Our partnership with HMSHost provides an important step forward for our platform and the industry as a whole.”

HMSHost has initially rolled out Kallpod in select restaurants at airports including Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, Miami International Airport, and Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

Schmitz added, “At HMSHost we are always working on ways to enhance guest service in our restaurants, which is why we are so excited to roll out Kallpod for travelers.”

Featuring Kallpod in HMSHost restaurants is the next phase of the company’s broader innovation strategy that continues to deliver heightened service levels with innovation and technology-based tools that complement traditional guest service. HMSHost also recently announced a North American partnership with Grab to expand the app’s mobile food and beverage ordering platform to HMSHost restaurants.

HMSHost is dedicated to improving the traveler experience with innovative ideas, not only through technology, but also through high quality hospitality, exceptional guest service, access to leading dining options, and unique traveler experiences and culinary events such as the first-of-its-kind Airport Restaurant Month and the Channel Your Inner Chef cooking competition. To learn more about HMSHost’s vision for the industry, visit the company’s innovation webpage and watch Innovation in Action.

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