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Aug 26, 2015

HMSHost Smokin’ Out Everyone In the BBQ Game With Road Hog Food Truck at Delaware Welcome Center

HMSHost delivers innovative culinary experience to Mid-Atlantic road-tripper.

NEWARK, DE — The hip mobile dining concept known as the food truck is continuing to sweep the nation with the help of global restaurateur HMSHost, the first company to start dishing out this trend to road-trippers. HMSHost has introduced Road Hog, a new Southern Style BBQ food truck at the Delaware Welcome Center to serve motorists and families driving on the Delaware Turnpike during the spring and summer travel seasons as well as anyone who fancies this contemporary dining craze. The truck, located between exits 1 and 3 in the middle of I-95 with immediate on and off access heading north or south, was created by HMSHost’s expert chefs and has already started smoking out everyone in the BBQ game. Road Hog’s chefs are serving up bold, mouth-watering dishes with big flavors that will answer any meat-lover’s prayers from 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. seven days a week.


Food trucks are a novelty near and dear to many Americans who get hooked by, not only some of the best bites to be had, but the charismatic personality and story behind each one. From killer tacos on wheels to street-style Asian fusion, there isn’t a single type of cuisine that isn’t covered.

The food truck phenomenon succeeds in creating a lasting personal connection to the customer. Food truck owners who share the vision behind their concepts, each one being unique to the next, evoke that down to earth quality that is so rustic and inviting to the customer. Road Hog was adventurously created by HMSHost’s executive chef Jeff Steelman whose expertise in varying culinary styles inspired him and his team to work with textures in unique ways to do BBQ “our way”. This meant showcasing mouthfeel in addition to taste; drawing inspiration from nearly every texture under the sun to add a unique spin on traditional tangy and smoky BBQ flavors; from crunchy and creamy, to chewy and fall-off- the-bone tender. The concept was further catapulted by requests for BBQ directly from travelers.

“This food truck is another way that HMSHost is providing innovative dining experiences to travelers,” said Vice President of Marketing Atousa Ghoreichi. “By fusing culinary operations, marketing, and innovations strategies we are able to swiftly deliver the first of its kind culinary offering on a turnpike. We are thankful to the Delaware Department of Transportation for partnering with us on opening the truck.”

In this day and age food trucks have become quite a dining phenomenon, offering customers a unique food destination that takes the archetypal atmosphere of a brick and mortar establishment to new heights. This will be one of three food trucks currently operated by HMSHost and the first to ever be opened in a travel plaza. The truck will remain parked on location in front of the plaza’s main entrance during its active months to capitalize on the whimsical, inviting quality while providing the accessibility and reliability of an ordinary restaurant.


“We are thrilled that we’ve been able to achieve a menu of traditional All-American eats while putting a fun modern twist on the establishment itself,” said HMSHost Vice President of Business Development Amy Dunne. “Our partnership with the Delaware Department of Transportation has opened the gates to a completely new, innovative world of travel dining full of opportunities that have the potential to be a hit among customers. The sky is the limit.”

If you face a meat craving while on the road, you’re guaranteed to find something that will satisfy it here. Every quintessential BBQ dish lives on this menu, from a tender beef brisket, to a succulent pulled pork sandwich, to a savory classic burger, to a fiery smoked kielbasa. The truck also has an alluring list of sides to stack onto your order if you so wish; classics including chili mac, sesame ginger slaw, and bread and butter pickles. Road Hog’s dirty tots are a robust twist on your typical tater tots, piled high with sharp cheddar cheese and the option of BBQ pork, chicken, or chili.

HMSHost is the leading force behind bringing this beloved dining craze to travel venues, with the opening of the Linda Bean Lobster Truck at Kennebunk Travel Plaza on the Maine Turnpike (southbound), a spinoff of Linda Bean’s Main Lobster Café in the Portland Jetport, just following Road Hog’s opening.

Road Hog has the potential to connect with East Coast road-trippers through its innovative concept and brand vision. Before you know it, it will be your go-to stop on every summer family road trip up the coast and the chef will remember you by name. That’s the beauty of food truck culture.

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