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If you are requesting a receipt and paid using a (physical) credit card, please fill out the below form. For all other forms of payment (i.e. cash, ApplePay, etc.), unfortunately, we are not able to retrieve a receipt copy.


Unfortunately we are not able to retrieve a receipt copy for this form of payment.

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HMSHost knows you care about your privacy, and so do we. We have developed this Privacy Policy to describe the types of Personal Information we may collect, how we may use and share that information, our lawful basis for processing it, what rights you have in relation to your Personal Information and how we protect it. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully to understand how we will treat your Personal Information in connection with our applications, products/services, and/or websites (the "HMSHost Offerings"). We are not in the business of selling Personal Information about you to advertisers or spammers and HMSHost will delete Personal Information within a reasonable timeframe.

You may request a copy of a receipt for a credit/debit card purchase made by you at any HMSHost location. It is unlawful to request a copy of a receipt for a purchase not made (i) by you, or (ii) with a credit/debit card in your name. Receipts are available starting 24 hours after your purchase or up to 18 months. By submitting the request, you acknowledge and agree to the foregoing.

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