We Care for the Planet​

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Waste Management

We are reducing the use of plastic in guest packaging shifting to 100% sustainable single-use guest packaging by 2025.

HMSHost believes that each of us must startsomewhere® to make a difference. We work with our customers, partners, and associates to:

  • ● Reduce waste by effective use of raw materials & sustainable alternatives​
  • ● Rethink if packaging is required and redesign to reduce use​
  • ● Reuse and recycle products, supplies, and equipment materials​
  • ● Recover by repurposing products or purchasing items with recyclable content and ensuring proper disposal processes.​

Many small actions in concert build a better future together​

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Donate Food

HMSHost is committed to making an impact in our communities through community outreach and by helping to feed the hungry. Food insecurity is a major issue in the US today and we can all make a difference.​